Date posted: 6th July 2016

Caring for someone suffering with a brain injury can be complex. As such, enlisting the care services of experienced and qualified personnel is highly recommended. CPIMS staff are professionally qualified to provide services for people who have suffered traumatic brain injury and people with complex care needs. As we explain further in this blog.


CPIMS Brain Injuries Services

Case management for brain injury

CPIMS provides services for people who have suffered a catastrophic injury, specialising in neurological brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and people with complex care needs.
Our case managers are coordinators of care services acting as advocates for individuals and family members. They will act on your behalf to manage finances; devise care plans and promote, enable and implement rehabilitative processes.

They also assist with vocational aspirations and activities, which includes social and educational activities and most importantly monitoring the long-term needs of all our clients.

Brain injury expert witness

CPIMS provides brain injury expert witness medico-legal services to corporations across the UK. Denise Watling is a Nursing Care Expert, Case Manager and is registered with the CQC as a Registered Manager for treatment of disease, disorder or injury. Denise prepares reports in cases concerning general nursing care services for adults in hospital and community settings. She specialises in quantum care costs for people with spinal cord injuries and acquired brain injuries including birth injuries such as cerebral palsy.

Brain injury rehabilitation services

Our rehabilitation case management service integrates injury and claims management. We operate a clinician-led, multi-disciplinary approach to achieve a safe, robust recovery and return to work or vocational aspirations. CPIMS case managers have extensive experience of working with individuals with complex care needs. They are proficient at formulating multidisciplinary programmes through a partnership approach with allied healthcare agencies and the NHS.

Our experienced practitioners coordinate a wide range of medical opinions to formulate a person centred and cohesive rehabilitation programme. We are able to coordinate case managers and rehabilitation nurses, speech and occupational therapists, physiotherapists, housing needs specialists, psychologists, orthotists, prosthetists and vocational counsellors.

Head trauma immediate needs assessments (INA)

CPIMS reviews any medical or other reports provided by the instructing party and then meets with the individual and family to undertake a detailed Immediate Needs Assessment (ISA) within two weeks. It is our policy to comply with the best practice guidelines under the Rehabilitation Code 2015. This ensures that assessment and identification of need is provided at the earliest opportunity and the injured party has access to case management support and rehabilitation as soon as possible.

We are also committed to raising brain injury awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding it by attending and sponsoring brain injury conferences. Read more about the latest brain injury conference that took place at the Lancaster House Hotel on 17th – 18th June 2016.

We are committed to developing and improving the care and experience of our patients. Please speak to our team today on 0844 371 0616 to learn more about the services that CPIMS offer.

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