Date posted: 21st July 2016

CPIMS’ case management process is designed to provide a cost effective and client centred solution for individuals who have experienced a catastrophic injury. In this blog, we explain in detail how a case management referral works in practice.

Case Management Process

At CPIMS our philosophy of care is to maximise our client’s potential and quality of life, and to empower each individual to make choices and maintain their dignity and realise their full potential. We ensure your individual needs are understood through a client centred service. After reviewing your case we are able to employ and train competent, caring staff to provide you with the high quality level of care and support you require.

To ensure the best possible service for our clients we work by the following aims:

  • Employ a competent, caring workforce to provide a quality service
  • To facilitate independence, empowerment, choice and dignity
  • Provide a Client centred service so that the needs of our Clients are understood and met
  • Consistently meet all the regulation requirements in accordance with all the associated regulatory bodies
  • To support our Clients to enable them to realise their full potential
  • Support and provide clear information for family members and significant others.

Case management referral process

The CPIMS case management process begins with an assessment period within two weeks of the referral. Throughout the evaluation the individual and advocate(s) will be consulted regarding any relevant issues including; the development and implementation of a care package and the recruitment process; ensuring that the best possible rehabilitation package is sourced and coordinated according to your individual needs. We consult with the medical experts and coordinate treatment plans and therapies accordingly.

Ongoing risk assessments will be carried out throughout the case management assessment of needs to develop a person centred care plan. However, if the client expresses that they do not wish to have a care plan then we will work with them to make their own action plan with clear goals and outcomes.

To summarise, our case management referral process includes the following steps:

  • Immediate Needs Assessment
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Coordination and evaluation of services
  • Ensuring quality and cost effective solutions.

Role of the case manager

The role of the case manager is to coordinate every aspect involved in the case management process including:

  • Managing your finances
  • Devising and reviewing your care plans
  • Managing your advocates
  • Implementing the rehabilitation process to assist with vocational aspirations
  • Monitoring and evaluating long term health needs
  • Helping you gain back the ability to enjoy leisure and social activities
  • Supporting your loved ones
  • Accompanying clients to appointments
  • Sourcing equipment, aids and adaptations.

Who Should consider CPIMS case management?

CPIMScase management referral service can provide support for anyone who has suffered a catastrophic injury. We are specialised in helping people with neurological injuries, such as spinal cord and brain injuries, as well as people with complex care needs. Essentially, we can support anyone who is in need of case management due to a serious or catastrophic injury.

If you think you or a loved one may benefit from the CPIMS’ case management referral service, or you simply have any further questions regarding the case management referral process, then please call us on 0844 371 0616. Alternatively, you can email us at For more information, please visit

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