Date posted: 3rd September 2016

Case Managers are an integral element of rehabilitation delivery, advocating, enabling and implementing the rehabilitative process to ensure clients receive the best quality of care. A recent study set out to conceptualise the expectations that personal injury solicitors have of Case Managers (CMs) and establish the extent to which those expectations were met.

One of its key findings was that: ‘against a background of steeply-rising costs for care and already criticised for high costs in the provision of case management services, it is essential the CM works professionally, collaboratively as part of a team and acts at all times in the best interests of their client.’

Reassuringly, CPIMS practices exactly what this study preaches on a daily basis, as part of our ‘individual care for individual people’ approach.

You can read the full article here – What do Personal Injury solicitors expect of Case Managers?.

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