The complaints procedure

Our Policy

To ensure that the service we provide matches our Client’s needs and expectations we welcome any comments in relation to the services that we provide. Complaints can provide an opportunity to do something better in the future and as such form part of our policy to engender a culture of continuous improvement. If a Client wishes to make a complaint about the service they are receiving the process is as follows:-

1. You should call the office on 01704 500055 to discuss the problem with the on call duty manager.

2. If you feel unable to discuss the problem over the phone then you can put your complaint in writing and send/email it to Denise Watling at the office’s address:

47 Windsor Road
Email: Complaint

3. Details of your complaint will be held on record for a minimum of 12 months so that our Inspectorate can review any complaints that we have received.

4. If you are not happy to make the complaint yourself and you do not know someone who can raise the complaint on your behalf then we will provide an advocate from an independent organisation to act on your behalf. We will confirm receipt of your complaint within 48 hours.

5. We will write to you within 7 days to formally acknowledge receipt of your complaint and to inform you of the steps that we will be taking to resolve it.

6. We will investigate your complaint thoroughly and write to you within 21 days with a resolution.

7. If at any time you are unhappy with the way that your complaint is being dealt with then you can contact the Managing Director-Denise Watling.


Personal Information is private and representatives of CPIMS will keep a Client’s information confidential. Client’s must provide permission if information pertaining to their care package is to be discussed or disclosed to persons involved with their care such as members of the multidisciplinary team, GP, or family members. If there are any exceptions to this arrangement the Client must inform CPIMS accordingly. We may receive legally binding instructions to disclose certain information such as a Court Order. Other circumstances in which it may be necessary to disclose information to other agencies in situations involving the abuse of a child or vulnerable adult, or circumstances that endanger the health and safety of the Client, care team or general public.

The Quality Assurance process

We regularly collect feedback from our Clients, relatives, carers and relevant others involved in their care to monitor and maintain excellent standards.

How to contact the local office of the Care Quality Commission and social services.

Sefton Council
Social Services
324-342 Stanley Road
L20 6ET

Telephone: 0845 140 0845